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What is Calumite Slag?

Chemical Composition

Chemical CompositionCalumite slag is used as a raw material in all types of soda-lime silica glasses. As a melting and refining aid, it reduces furnace energy consumption, reduces NOx and CO2 emissions, and improves final glass quality.

Calumite slag has traditionally been viewed as an alumina source, but it is a valuable source of all the major glassmaking oxides. The particle size distribution ensures it is compatible with other glassmaking raw materials in the batch.

Calumite Production Process

Calumite slag is produced from blast furnace slag. During the Calumite slag production process, this material is dried, crushed, and screened to produce a granular material, consistent with other glassmaking raw materials. The particle size distribution and physical properties of the finished product are shown in Table 1.2.

The quality control at the blast furnace ensures the chemical composition of the slag is consistent. Calumite Company, LLC has access to this QC information, which ensures the slag delivered to the site has been selected for maximum consistency and quality.

This, combined with our own chemical analysis of the stock piles prior to production, ensures the chemical consistency of the finished Calumite slag product. The production process is fully automated, using the latest process control technology. Regular in-process testing ensures product quality is maintained. In addition, prior to shipment, all material is tested for chemical and physical compliance in our fully equipped laboratories.

Calumite Slag Chart