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Calumite Slag

Calumite Slag is utilized in the manufacture of container and float glass. The Calumite companies have developed a process to minimize the variations in slag composition and thus are producing a commercially consistent and dependable glassmaking material that is comparable in quality and uniformity to the other raw materials used in a glass batch. When utilized properly, Calumite Slag in a glass batch can aid substantially in lowering melting temperatures or it can permit more glass to be melted at essentially the same temperature.

Benefits include:

  • Prolongs furnace life
  • Prevents excess retention of gases
  • Provides a tool for the close control of oxidizing levels in the melting operation
  • Improves stability and homogeneity of the glass
  • Simplifies batch formulation

The following are typical analyses from our shipping locations.

PRODUCT: Calumite Slag - Burns Harbor, IN
DATE: January 2014
US Sieve Series
SiO2 37.79% + 4 mesh
TiO2 0.35% + 8 mesh
AI2O3 9.26% + 12 mesh
Fe2O3 0.25% + 16 mesh
CaO 39.12% + 20 mesh
MgO 11.09% + 30 mesh 0.00%
MnO 0.36% + 40 mesh 4.90%
S= 0.78% + 60 mesh 27.90%
SO3 0.35% + 80 mesh
(Base) Na2O+K2O 0.85% + 100 mesh 25.20%
Carbon 0.21% + 200 mesh 23.60%
Purity - 200 mesh 18.40%
    + 325 mesh
    - 325 mesh
TOTAL 100.41%
Oxygen Corr. -0.39%
Corr. TOTAL 100.02%
The analysis shown is a general representation of the product manufactured or shipped during the period of time indicated. It is subject to sampling and testing variations and no warranty as to accuracy, completeness, and merchantability.

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